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October 06, 2008


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Wow! So thankful for the new blog! You have such a tender and attentive heart that longs to know God more. Thanks for sharing that with us!


Denise, thank you so much for launching this blog. I'm a young, always-been single, and I know that this is just going to be a wonderful journey. I cried when I read this post, because God has been whispering to my heart for years; "I will love you more than any man can."
May I, and all of us singles, have the courage to give our futures to the One who loves us beyond our comprehension.

John Bosse

Hello Denise, I found this site through a comment on Facebook. I love your views about being single. God has been revealing Himself to me in such a close and intimate way since I lost my wife two and a half years ago. As He showed you how He has put a wedding band on your finger... He showed me how He has put a stamp upon me which simply says "Mine". How could we as single believers find more love than His gentle embrace? I'm learning the broken Heart He has for us, His bride.

Gretchen Fagan

Denise, thank you. At 33 and newly married I can relate to the pain and the joys of many years as a single woman (27 Dresses was my story for the most part). Though now having "crossed over" I never want to forget what God did in me in those years of waiting and never want to lose the sensitivity to those who still are. I now must keep in mind that still only Jesus can meet all my needs and not Colin. Thank you for sharing your heart in this blog. I will be a faithful reader (and commenter too!). If you get a moment you can read a post regarding some of my thoughts on my previous blogspot:

: )

Tom May

Perhaps I shouldn't post this blog because I'm not currently single, but I have been single and I painfully remember the days after my divorce. I remember those days of broken-ness... Wow, I hate even thinking back on them, but they were good days in a bitter sort-of-way. I wasn't married to her just once...we were married twice. From childhood I had dreamed of a marriage that lasted a lifetime; all I wanted was a LIFETIME. I had dreamed of children. I had dreamed of a HOME!!!! I wanted it to last; I prayed for it to last; I worked for it to didn't last.

Then I met her...way sooner than I wanted. I liked her. I liked her godliness. I liked her honesty. She had never been married; and I had actually been married twice...if only to the same person. We dated, we sought God, we sought His Presence, we sought church approval, we received the 'BLESSING' of our church, we moved on, we married, we had a daughter, we had a son, we moved on....

Somewhere through the teen years of our children we lost touch. I lost touch. Touch???? Touch...the most important thing we ever do!!! No doubt about it....but I lost touch!!!! It's my fault. I know who is was me!!!

Then...I almost lost my way again. She stayed faithful. She stayed home. She has been incredible. I have been the wayward one...never pulled the linen up with another...but my thoughts have been anything but faithful. I'm ashamed, but it is true!!!!

30 years!!!! Last week we took a trip celebrating 30 years. I discovered again she truly is the only person I can live with; she is the only person I can enjoy riding a day with. In sales, I spend entire days riding with strangers. Sometimes I fantasize...sometimes I imagine. Last week was no imagination. I rode everyday for a week with a woman I enjoy beyond description...we had not a single cross word or was amazing and restful...

I realized last week I could spend the rest of my days alone with her and I would be satisfied.

To those of you who are struggling with your singleness, I understand. Though 30 years in the past, I remember the nights I pulled the covers over my head, I remember crying in my pillow, I remember feeling the rejection, the hurt, I remember wearing the daily pain, I remember thinking it would never, ever, ever end...

All I can say is this: There IS a God and He has YOUR answer. Probably won't be the same as mine, but HE has YOUR answer!!!! Seek it!!!!

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