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October 06, 2008


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John Bosse

Hello Denise, I found this site through a comment on Facebook. I love your views on the single life. God has never been closer to me since I became a widower two and a half years ago. He reveals a knowledge of Himself, and the tenderness of His Heart almost on a daily basis. He placed a stamp upon me which I never noticed fully until now... which simply says "Mine". He truly is "All in all".


You are so amazing Denise!
It's obvious you are walking with the Lord, moment-by-moment and are seeing the most intricate details and messages He sends to you. I'm thankful to have some insight to your faith and to see His work!
Love you!

Tillman R. Holloway

You are the man. I always love to hear the insight that you bring to the table. Genius man, your truth and transparency are a breath of fresh air.

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