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July 25, 2010


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Minister Brenda Mitchell

Today has day of discovery. Where anxiety should have made a difference, it has not won. You know there are times when you are on a emotional high and situations occur to affect whatever joy you have. I have almost completed writing this article twice but it was erased . Still I will retain my peace. Peace is the subject my minister spoke about today. Peace being one of the Fruits of the Spirit. Peace comes by taking out time to be with God/Jesus and bein led by His Spirit. Who would have guessed that taking time for Jesus would have been the pinnacle point today. On the seventh day God rested from all His creation.On the Sabbath it is said to keep this day holy.
I woke from sleep feeling very tired and without energy. Still I got up and started my day with a gospel CD called "Praise Is What I Do"
by the Valley Kingdom Ministries and readied myself for church. With each song, my spirit was fed. I became so excited I left out of my apartment without my glasses, so I had to return to get them. I was losing time and begin to worry of being late entering the church.While driving there I put a Kirk Franklin CD on. I arrived at church a few minutes early not late. It just shows that when you make time for Jesus , He'll make time for you. I later at home read from a Gateway article "Rest In The Lord" from my computor. Every activity that happened with me today lines up with the Word of God/Jesus. I have rested in Christ today. He has given me peace in the mist of my anxieties. I have taken today to praise Him, rest in Him and to rest.

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